1. What are the power requirements for your Mobile Cool Room?

You can plug our Mobile Cool Room into any single phase 240V power outlet, or it will operate on a 5KVA generator. The operating current for all our Mobile Cool Room is 10 Amp

2. Does all equipment meet electrical safety regulations?

Yes. All our equipment is fully tested and tagged before going out. We fully comply with electrical safety regulations

3. Which equipment do I need?

Our equipment come in a variety of size and serve different purposes. Please refer to our Products page for more information. Still cannot decide which one is right for you? Give us a call on 02 9808 2081 and our friendly staff will recommend the right size to fit your needs.

4. How long does it take for your Mobile Cool Room to cool?

Generally, our Mobile Cool Room takes around an hour to go down to between 2 to 5 degree. This is only applied where the door remains shut all the time and no hot stocks being introduced to the fridge. In practice the time it takes for the fridge to cool can vary and will depend on many factors, such as how many times and how long the door is kept open and whether hot stocks are being introduced to the fridge. 

5. I have sent my enquiries using the contact form online. When will I receive a response?

We endeavor to get in touch within 3 hours upon receiving your inquiries
Please ring us on 02 9808 2081 or email us at info@mobifridge.com.au if you need any further questions or have not heard from us within the advised timeframe.

6. Do I need to clean the equipment before you picking it up?

We generally do not require our customers to clean the equipment once they finish using. However we may impose cleaning fee at our own discretion if the equipment return in the unreasonably unclean state where additional labor is required to restore the equipment to its original condition. Please refer to our condition of hire for more information.

7. The fridge you delivered does not work properly ie the temperature does not go down. What should I do now?

All our equipment is fully tested and checked to ensure they work properly before going out However, mechanical products can breakdown from time to time. If that happens, do not panic.  Please check the following

  • Check the power. Sometimes the issue might be as simple as the power source. Check that there is power, and the fridge is plugged in properly
  • Check the door. Make sure the door is not left open and it should remain shut all the time. If there are people open and close the door multiple time, the fridge will take longer to cool
  • Did you put a lot of hot stocks inside the fridge? If that is the case, make sure you allow a bit more time for the fridge to cool down as it will take longer for the air inside the fridge to take the warmth out of the stocks

If you have checked all the above and believe the fridge is faulty, give us a call and one of our friendly staff will attend to your site as soon as possible

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