About Us......

Mobi-Fridge Hire is a family operated and run business that has been operating since 1985.


Mobi-Fridge Hire is the original in mobile cool-room hire.


The company was formed by two brothers "Niffty" and Terry Neville who both started in the food industry. Mobi-Fridges were designed to satisfy the needs of not having to worry about cooling drinks and food at remote venues. The idea of having a mobile coolroom started from there.

Your Mobi-Fridge can be used for...

  • Conventions
  • Parties
  • 21st Birthdays
  • Barbecues
  • Sports carnivals
  • Holiday camps
  • Conferences
  • Extra cold storage
  • Field research
  • TV locations
  • Renovation sites
  • Weddings
  • Florists
  • School fetes
  • Race meetings